Memas Kalogiratos was born in 1940 in Greece at the village of Petrikata on the island of Cephalonia (Kefalonia). He was raised in Patra, Peloponnese, where he took his first art lessons from the painter George Papadimitriou. He studied sculpture at the Athens School of Fine Arts, with Thanassis Apartis, and graduated in 1966. A series of solo and group exhibitions followed from 1965 onwards in various Greek cities. Parallel to sculpture where his work is better known, he has engaged in painting and theater. In 1990 he founded the "Cephalonian Society for Art Research". Expressionist, his work has mainly anthropocentric character. Since 1982 he has moved to Mazarakata in Cephalonia, where he lives and works.

Εικόνα 7
Εικόνα 8
Εικ. 7 -8: Ο Μεμάς σπουδαστής.
Εικόνα 9
Εικ. 9 Αντιγραφο του Διπλώματος του Μεμά, Αρχείο ΑΣΚΤ, πτυχία α/α 789-1138.
Εικόνα 10
Εικ. 10 Ο Μεμάς (πρώτος αριστερά) με συσπουδαστες και συσπουδάστριές του.
Εικόνα 11
Εικ. 11. «Η Ελένη»
Εικόνα 12